Lactation & Infant Feeding Specialist

Serving families in the Bay Area, CA + Olympia, WA

Feed your baby with confidence.

While this moment is inevitable, feeding your baby is not always straightforward. During the first hours, days, and weeks of early parenting, especially after having just given birth, it can be distressing to struggle with infant feeding.

Having a Redwood Doula infant feeding specialist guiding and encouraging you will ease your mind, and reinforce the connection between you and baby.

With tangible tools, evidence-based resources, and compassionate hearts, our experts provide the guidance and support that truly makes a difference.

Redwood Doulas are trained in all modalities of infant feeding including breastfeeding/chestfeeding, bottle feeding breastmilk or formula, supplemental nursing systems, cup feeding, and more. We support your smooth start to feeding your baby with information, encouragement, and real-time in-person or virtual support.

Contact Redwood Doulas today to discuss your infant feeding desires and/or challenges.