newborn care class

Not sure how this whole parenting thing works? Have you never changed a diaper before? Lost in the forest of endless opinions on what you “should” use or do?

Sign up for our Newborn Care classes and let us help you navigate the most common parenting questions and skills. In this evidence-based, easily consumed course your instructor will help you learn how to care for your baby and navigate early parenthood.


Virtual private classes can be scheduled at your convenience and are available for clients everywhere, including of course our home-base communities of the Bay Area, CA, and Olympia, WA.

Includes a 5-hour private virtual course taught in two 2.5-hour virtual sessions.


Our virtual group Newborn Care classes are held via Zoom on the first 2 Sundays of each month 10am - 12:30pm PST. These are open to clients anywhere in North America!

Includes a 5-hour group virtual course taught in two 2.5-hour virtual sessions.

Your newborn care class includes:

  • Parenting Philosophies
  • Bringing Your Baby Home
  • How Birth Shapes Postpartum
  • Options for Infant Feeding
  • Your Baby’s Health & Wellness, including Newborn Safety
  • Newborn Care & Swaddling
  • Newborn Cues